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We are a real estate finance and investment organization driven to build enduring value in our reputation and our company’s urban residential & commercial investment portfolio. By leveraging our industry expertise to drive innovation, we effortlessly solve complex business matters in construction, design, sales, insurance, legal, supply chain and finance subset disciplines. Coupled with our proprietary methodology to identify, capture, and profit from strong market positions, we reconstruct real estate development.


Scaling through Replicable Design & Efficiencies
Subterranean Parking
Protection Through Insurance Instruments
Concrete Capabilities (pre-cast concrete structure)
Aligning Consumer Income Demographics & Intrinsic Needs with Product Development & Pricing
Model Resiliency to Economic Fluctuation (purchase order model; minimum of 50% pre-sales)
Offsite & Controlled Environment for Construction & Manufacturing Best Practices
Convertible Assets to Drive the Value of "Full Exit"

The Fulcrum Brand

As the population of major cities continues to rise, the alignment between the areas we wish to live and the areas we’re able to buy continue to diminish. The outcome is a neverending barrage of rent-only options, failing to satisfy the intrinsic need that is home ownership. We intend to break this cycle by providing consumers with an opportunity they have yet to be given: the option to own. We believe investing in an owner’s future is equally as important as finding a place to call home.

And the result should not be simply a residence, but a foundation for living.


Creating a Foundation for Living

Our Team

Team Principal Shawn McAlister

Shawn McAllister

Leveraging 23 years of business ownership & management experience to: grow companies structurally from the ground up, develop individuals/teams that execute, and systemize them to achieve their financial objectives. Has generated personal principal revenues in excess of $60M, managed hundreds of employees, thousands of sub-contractors and vendors, to reach total project values in excess of $300M.

Team Principal Denise Abood

Denise Abood

Leveraging 36 years of financial, operational and strategic experience to drive success in a multitude of environments ranging from large corporations to small businesses.